Kids of the Kingdom

*Preschool (3 – 5 year olds)
Kids ages three to five are welcomed every Sunday morning (10am) and Wednesday night (7pm), into Kids of the Kingdom. Kids will learn how much God loves them, what a special creation they are, and how Jesus wants to be their best friend forever

* Check-In
First time visitors will go to the Kids Check-In center where our team will register your child and give your child a name badge with a guardian pick-up tag. Let us know if your child has any allergies or special requirements during the check-in time. If we need to contact you during service, your parent pick-up number will be displayed on the LED screens to the left and right of the stage in the Auditorium. After your first visit, the self check-in iPads are provided to sign in and print your childs name badge and guardian pick-up tag. At the end of the service, show your parent pick-up tag to the team leader of your childs ministry area and your child will be released to you. Safety is our first commitment – without it, ministry cannot happen. All of our staff and volunteer workers have passed an interview and background check process. Children will not be released to anyone unless they possess the correct pick-up tag.