Connect Groups are interest-based small groups open to the community. Check out the list below and contact the group’s leader if you are interested in participating.

Cover of Care

Cover of Care is a group of ladies that meet together once a month to make prayer shawls and blankets to give away to those who are facing hardships within our church community. It’s a way of using the gifts and talents that God has placed within us to show care and love to others. Even beyond the great comfort and love that is shown through the giving of the prayer shawls, there is another great benefit, fellowship. Imagine getting together to knit, crochet, and laugh together all while making a difference in the lives of people who need to know someone cares.


Legacy 55+

At Indianola First, we believe that relationship is essential no matter what stage of life you’re in. That’s why we encourage our 55 and over crowd to get together and have a time of food and fellowship once a month. These meetings are filled with good stories and lots of laughter. If you’re over 55, you’re invited to come and join these great people for a wonderful time.


Men’s Breakfast

Our men’s connect group gets together for food and fellowship in the church’s Fireside Room on the first Saturday of every month. Come join us as we get to know each other through conversation and laughter around the breakfast table.


Paint By Heart

We are a group that connects with the stroke of a brush loaded with paint over a space filled with white, or with
a pencil-‐crayon-‐marker-anything that adds color where there is no color! In other words, we are people who like to paint and or draw and doing so with like-­minded folks; when we come together to paint/draw, conversation and experimenting with creativity happens. This is not a class although learning moments happen and are exploited. Join us, try it out, experience the joy of splashing color around.



This connect group offers an outlet for those who can’t stay away from the ballpark. Our season starts in May and runs through August. Each night is a double-header game that starts as early as 6:30pm and ends as late as 10:00pm.


Bows, Bros & Bibles
Bows, Bros & Bibles is a group meant for sportsmen & outdoor enthusiasts. This group meets monthly in the Fireside Room and consists of; instruction on various topics including – bow hunting, fishing, firearms, etc., connecting with other sportsmen, and a short devotional.